Investment Terms

Date: 2016-02-26

Each EB-5 project offering will have specific terms described in the formal offering documents, including the private placement memorandum.  The information below is provided to give a general sense of terms and to help potential clients understand the EB-5 process.  Please contact us to find out specifics regarding EB-5 investment.

  • What is the minimum that I must invest for EB-5?

The minimum investment is $500,000.

  • What are the fees associated?

Each investor will pay an administrative fee that covers administrative costs, marketing, escrow administration, legal expenses and a portion of the fund administration associated with each unit of investment. Please contact GGG for the current fee schedule. This does not include USCIS fees or attorney fees associated with the preparation and submission of the petition assumed by each individual investor.

  • What is the investment structure?

GGG manages investment funds formed as LLC’s that make project loans to enterprises creating new jobs in the United States.

  • How long will my funds be invested?

The average term of the investment is five years.

  • How many jobs will be created with my EB-5 investment?

The total number of jobs created varies from project to project, depending on the size of the loan and the scope of the project. The required number of jobs for each investment also varies depending on the economic model used to determine the amount of indirect jobs that will be created. As a conservative precaution to ensure USCIS approval, GGG requires that projects not only meet the minimum job requirements, but also exceed them. In most cases, more than ten jobs per investor are created for each project.

  • How can I assess the financial security of the project?

GGG underwrites its project loans for strong financial security by selecting well-capitalized project developers with established credentials who are investing into strong markets.  All EB-5 investors must understake a review the formal offering documents and business plan to evaluate whether a specific investment is suitable.

  • What is the exit strategy?

Within two to three years, EB-5 investors will complete their EB-5 green card process. Upon maturity of the EB-5 loan (on average 5 years), EB-5 investors may exit the EB-5 LLC.