For Project Developers

Date: 2016-02-26
  • EB-5 Program Development Highlights

We work with leading business enterprises to facilitate successful EB-5 financing programs for qualified job-creating projects. This includes working with project partners to fulfill all United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) requirements for its Immigrant Investor Program (EB-5). EB-5 financing can provide competitive and strategic funding to jobs-intensive capital projects.

EB-5 Financing Highlights

  • Structured as a loan
  • 5-year standard term
  • Funds available as soon as 6 months after execution of term sheet
  • Funds must be spent and job creation requirements met within 2-3 years

EB-5 is an attractive source of debt-financing

EB-5 Financing
In a traditional development process, EB-5 financing can replace traditional forms of debt financing
and postpone a permanent loan, giving the project additional time to stabilize.

Please contact us to evaluate EB-5 financing for your project. After receiving some preliminary information and details on a project, we can quickly determine if it will meet the EB-5 program requirements. We will work with project developers on a customized financing structure that maximizes the value and benefit of EB-5 funds. For viable projects, we can make funds available as soon as 6 months after execution of a term sheet. If the project is the first of potentially several to utilize the EB-5 program, it will be important to also plan for subsequent EB-5 funds that would be launched within the next 5 years.

  • Program Development process

EB-5 Program Timeline


1. Obtain Project InformationRendering01

In order for us to begin structuring an EB-5 program, it is necessary for us to build an in-depth understanding of the Project, its development timeline and its funding needs and timing. To accomplish this, we typically would need to review the following materials:

  • Pro forma cash flow model
  • Proposed sources and uses of funds
  • Development timeline
  • Business plan
  • Market information
  • Relevant risk factors to the project’s timing, funding, and feasibility

2. Term Sheet

Based on the documents in section 1) and additional follow-up with the Project team, we will then enter into negotiations to draft and execute a term sheet

3. EB-5 Program Design

We work with the Project team to determine the timing, sizing, and marketability of an EB-5 loan. This involves the engagement and management of the required EB-5 professionals including an EB-5 economist, immigration attorney, securities attorney, EB-5 business plan writer, etc.

4. Launch of EB-5 Promotion

We will work with our foreign investor distribution channels to market the Project’s investment opportunity.

5. Fund Administration and Reporting

We will manage all fund administration and reporting requirements to the EB-5 investors, USCIS, IRS, SEC and other government agencies. We will also assist you in developing a regular reporting system to fulfill all USCIS requirements for EB-5 job creation demonstration.

  • Service to project Developer 

Our Services

Design and implement EB-5 specific program for identified project partner

Design and execute marketing strategy and collateral with project partner integration/participation

Facilitate production of EB-5 document set including: investor offering documents; economic analysis; EB-5 compliant business plan, partnership, and transactional documents

Source foreign investors and manage all investor relations/interface

Maintain USCIS, SEC, IRS compliance and reporting requirements

Escrow and Fund administration with 3rd party dual controls on Fund operations providing

Investor reporting

Project Partner Role

Assistance with structuring the EB-5 investment

Participation in design and implementation of marketing strategy/collateral

Participation in investor roadshows

Support Regional Center and Regional Center partners in answering investor questions

Fulfillment of USCIS job creation requirements

Provide all required information on project progress and implementation

  • Fund Administration

GGG engages a 3rd party fund administrator to provide the highest quality operational and service infrastructure for our EB-5 investors and project developers. The 3rd party fund administrator provides accounting, operational and compliance services to each GGG EB-5 fund. Utilizing a 3rd party provider offers an additional layer of professional oversight, transparency, and protection that standalone fund managers and Regional Centers cannot provide.

The fund administrator will provide the following services to GGG sponsored EB-5 funds:
  • maintain the Fund’s official books and records (accounting statements)
  • prepare and distribute investor and Fund statements
  • coordinate independent audits
  • coordinate the movement of investor capital
  • collect loan interest and returns
  • monitor payment of Fund fees and expenses
  • ensure compliance with US tax laws by facilitating the necessary tax distributions and assisting with the preparation of Schedule K-1s for investors

The fund administrator is completely independent from project developers, GGG, and other involved parties. Investor statements, audited financials, and other official fund reports are transmitted directly to investors, ensuring accurate and unaltered information about the fund and the investment. The fund administrator has a fiduciary obligation first and foremost the investor, to perform all of its services and responsibilities in accordance with the LLC’s offering documents, US laws and regulations and industry best practices.